Synonyms of belly


1. abdomen, venter, stomach, belly, body part

usage: the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis

2. belly, paunch, adipose tissue, fat, fatty tissue

usage: a protruding abdomen

3. belly, bulge, bump, hump, swelling, gibbosity, gibbousness, jut, prominence, protuberance, protrusion, extrusion, excrescence

usage: a part that bulges deeply; "the belly of a sail"

4. belly, inside, interior

usage: the hollow inside of something; "in the belly of the ship"

5. belly, underpart

usage: the underpart of the body of certain vertebrates such as snakes or fish


1. belly, belly out, swell, swell up, intumesce, tumefy, tumesce

usage: swell out or bulge out

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