Men's Olympic Long Jump Through the Years

1896Ellery Clark, United States20 ft 9.75 in
1900Alvin Kraenzlein, United States23 ft 6.875 in
1904Myer Prinstein, United States24 ft 1 in
1906Myer Prinstein, United States23 ft 7.5 in
1908Frank Irons, United States24 ft 6.5in
1912Albert Gutterson, United States24 ft 11.25 in
1920William Petterssen, Sweden23 ft 5.5 in
1924DeHart Hubbard, United States24 ft 5.125 in
1928Edward B. Hamm, United States25 ft 4.75 in
1932Edward Gordon, United States25 ft 0.75 in
1936Jesse Owens, United States26 ft 5.3125 in
1948Willie Steele, United States25 ft 8 in
1952Jerome Biffle, United States24 ft 10 in
1956Gregory Bell, United States25 ft 8.25 in
1960Ralph Boston, United States26 ft 7.75 in
1964Lynn Davies, Great Britain26 ft 5.75 in
1968Bob Beamon, United States29 ft 2.5 in
1972Randy Williams, United States27 ft 0.5 in
1976Arnie Robinson, United States24 ft 7.75 in
1980Lutz Dombrowski, E. Germany28 ft 0.25 in
1984Carl Lewis, United States28 ft 0.25 in
1988Carl Lewis, United States28 ft 7.25 in
1992Carl Lewis, United States28 ft 5.5 in
1996Carl Lewis, United States27 ft 10.75 in
2000Ivan Pedroso, Cuba28 ft 0.75 in
2004Dwight Phillips, United States28 ft 2.19 in
2008Irving Jahir Saladino Aranda, Panama27 ft 4.34 in


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