2001 Women's World, Olympic, and America Running Records


Event Time Date SetLocation
100 meters:World10.49Florence Griffith Joyner, USAJuly 16, 1988Indianapolis
 Olympic10.62Florence Griffith Joyner, USASept. 24, 1988Seoul
 American10.49Griffith Joyner (same as World)
200 meters:World21.34Florence Griffith Joyner, USASept. 29, 1988Seoul
 Olympic21.34Griffith Joyner (same as World)
 American21.34Griffith Joyner (same as World)
400 meters:World47.60Marita Koch, East GermanyOct. 6, 1985Canberra, AUS
 Olympic48.25Marie-Jose Perec, FranceJuly 29, 1996Atlanta
 American48.83Valerie BriscoAug. 6, 1984Los Angeles
800 meters:World1:53.28Jarmila Kratochvilova, Czech.July 26, 1983Munich
 Olympic1:53.42Nadezhda Olizarenko, USSRJuly 27, 1980Moscow
 American1:56.40Jearl Miles-ClarkAug. 11, 1999Zurich
1000 meters:World2:28.98Svetlana Masterkova, RussiaAug. 23, 1996Brussels
 Olympic Not an event
 American2:31.80Regina JacobsJuly 3, 1999Brunswick, Me.
1500 meters:World3:50.46Qu Yunxia, ChinaSept. 11, 1993Beijing
 Olympic3:53.96Paula Ivan, RomaniaOct. 1, 1988Seoul
 American3:57.12Mary SlaneyJuly 26, 1983Stockholm
Mile:World4:12.56Svetlana Masterkova, RussiaAug. 14, 1996Zurich
 Olympic Not an event
 American4:16.71Mary SlaneyAug. 21, 1985Zurich
2000 meters:World5:25.36Sonia O'Sullivan, IrelandJuly 8, 1994Edinburgh
 Olympic Not an event
 American5:32.7Mary SlaneyAug. 3, 1984Eugene
3000 meters:World8:06.11Wang Junxia, ChinaSept. 13, 1993Beijing
 Olympic8:26.53Tatyana Samolenko, USSRSept. 25, 1988Seoul
 American8:25.83Mary SlaneySept. 7, 1985Rome
5000 meters:World14:28.09Jiang Bo, ChinaOct. 23, 1997Shanghai
 Olympic14:40.79Gabriela Szabo, RomaniaSept. 25, 2000Sydney
 American14:45.35Regina JacobsJuly 27, 2000Sacramento
10,000 meters:World29:31.78Wang Junxia, ChinaSept. 8, 1993Beijing
 Olympic30:17.49Derartu Tulu, EthiopiaSept. 30, 2000Sydney
 American31:19.89Lynn JenningsAug. 7, 1992Barcelona
Marathon:World2:20:43†Tegla Loroupe, KenyaSept. 26, 1999Berlin
 Olympic2:23:14Naoko Takahashi, JapanSept. 24, 2000Sydney
 American2:21:21Joan Benoit SamuelsonOct. 20, 1985Chicago
Note: The Mile run is 1,609.344 meters and the Marathon is 42,194.988 meters (26 miles, 385 yards).
†Marathon records are not officially recognized by the IAAF.