1999 Women's World, Olympic and American Field Events Records

Field Events

EventMarkDate SetLocation
High Jump:World6-101/4Stefka Kostadinova, BulgariaAug. 30, 1987Rome
Olympic6-8Louise Ritter, USASept. 30, 1988Seoul
American6-8Louise RitterJuly 8, 1988Austin, Tex.
6-8Ritter (same as Olympic)??
Pole Vault:World15-1Emma George, AustraliaFeb. 20, 1999Sydney
15-1Stacy Dragila, USAAug. 21, 1999Seville
OlympicNot an event??
American15-1Dragila (same as World)??
Long Jump:World24-81/4Galina Chistyakova, USSRJune 11, 1988Leningrad
Olympic24-31/4Jackie Joyner-Kersee, USASept. 29, 1988Seoul
American24-7Jackie Joyner-KerseeMay 22, 1994New York
Triple Jump:World50-101/4Inessa Kravets, UkraineAug. 8, 1995Gteborg, SWE
Olympic50-31/2Inessa Kravets, UkraineJuly 31, 1998Atlanta
American47-31/2Sheila HudsonJuly 8, 1996Stockholm
Shot Put:World74-3Natalya Lisovskaya, USSRJune 7, 1987Moscow
Olympic73-61/4Ilona Slupianek, E. GermanyJuly 24, 1980Moscow
American66-21/2Ramona PagelJune 25, 1988San Diego
Discus:World252-0Gabriele Reinsch, E. GermanyJuly 9, 1988Neubrandenburg
Olympic237-21/2Martina Hellmann, E. GermanySept. 29, 1988Seoul
American216-10Carol CadyMay 31, 1986San Jose
Javelin:World262-5*Petra Felke, E. GermanySept. 9, 1988Potsdam, E. Ger
Olympic245-0*Petra Felke, E. GermanySept. 26, 1988Seoul
American227-5*Kate SchmidtSept. 10, 1977Furth, W. Ger.
Hammer:World249-2Mihaela Melinte, RomaniaMay 13, 1999Clermont-Ferrand
OlympicNot an event??
American230-2Dawn EllerbeMar. 15, 1999Laramie, Wyo.
*The IAAF changed the official design and weight for the women's javelin beginning April 1, 1999. The records shown are with the old-style javelins and will be removed from the record book on Jan. 1, 2000.
Note: The international weights for women? Shot (8 lbs/13 oz); Discus (2 lbs/3.27 oz); Javelin (minimum 1 lb/5.16 oz); Hammer (16 lbs).


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