Men's Olympic 400 Meters Through the Years

400 meters

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's 400 meter race from 1896 to the present.

1896Tom Burke, USA54.2
1900Maxey Long, USA49.4OR
1904Harry Hillman, USA49.2OR
1906Paul Pilgrim, USA53.2
1908Wyndham Halswelle, GBR50.0
1912Charlie Reidpath, USA48.2OR
1920Bevil Rudd, S. Afr.49.6
1924Eric Liddell, GBR47.6OR
1928Ray Barbuti, USA47.8
1932Bill Carr, USA46.2WR
1936Archie Williams, USA46.5
1948Arthur Wint, JAM46.2
1952George Rhoden, JAM45.9OR
1956Charley Jenkins, USA46.7
1960Otis Davis, USA44.9WR
1964Mike Larrabee, USA45.1
1968Lee Evans, USA43.86WR
1972Vince Matthews, USA44.66
1976Alberto Juantorena, CUB44.26
1980Viktor Markin, USSR44.60
1984Alonzo Babers, USA44.27
1988Steve Lewis, USA43.87
1992Quincy Watts, USA43.50OR
1996Michael Johnson, USA43.49OR
2000Michael Johnson, USA43.84
2004Jeremy Wariner, USA44.00
2008Lashawn Merritt, USA43.75
2012James Kirani, GRN43.94

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