2001-02 Chicago Bulls Team Stats

Jalen Rose83.455169620.44.54.3
Marcus Fizer76.43893812.35.61.6
Travis Best74.4405817.92.04.4
Jamal Crawford23.4762149.31.52.4
Eddie Robinson29.4532629.02.71.3
Trenton Hassell*78.4256818.73.32.2
Eddy Curry*72.5014836.73.80.3
Tyson Chandler*71.4974366.14.80.8
A.J. Guyton45.3612445.41.01.8
Fred Hoiberg79.4163454.42.71.7
Charles Oakley57.3692163.86.02.0
Dalibor Bagaric50.4041853.73.20.5
Norm Richardson11.385302.70.70.2
Triple Doubles: none. 3-pt FG leader: Hassell (60).
Steals leader: Hoiberg (61). Blocks leader: Chandler (93).
Acquired: F Rose, G Best and G Richardson and a conditional second-round pick from Indiana for G Ron Mercer, G Kevin Ollie, F Ron Artest and C Brad Miller (Feb. 20).

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Team by Team Statistics for Basketball, 2001-2002
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