2002 Men's Olympic Speed Skating Medalists

500 meters

Times reflected are a combination of two heats with each skater racing once on the inside lane and once on the outside lane.

1Casey FitzRandolph, USA69.23OR
2Hiroyasu Shimizu, JPN69.26
3Kip Carpenter, USA69.47
Other top 10 USA: 6th, Joey Cheek (69.60).
Note: FitzRandolph's time of 34.42 in his first race established a new Olympic record.

1000 meters

1Gerard van Velde, NED1:07.18WR
2Jan Bos, NED1:07.53
3Joey Cheek, USA1:07.61
Other top 10 USA: 4th, Kip Carpenter (1:07.89); 6th, Nick Pearson (1:07.97); 7th, Casey FitzRandolph (1:08.15).

1500 meters

1Derek Parra, USA1:43.95WR
2Jochem Uytdehaage, NED1:44.57
3Adne Sondral, NOR1:45.26
Other top 10 USA: 4th, Joey Cheek (1:45.34); 6th, Nick Pearson (1:45.51).

5000 meters

1Jochem Uytdehaage, NED6:14.66WR
2Derek Parra, USA6:17.98
3Jens Boden, GER6:21.73
Other top 10 USA: 5th, KC Boutiette (6:22.97).

10,000 meters

1Jochem Uytdehaage, NED12:58.92WR
2Gianni Romme, NED13:10.03
3Lasse Saetre, NOR13:16.92
Best USA: 12th, Jason Hedstrand (13:32.99); 13th, Derek Parra (13:33.44).

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2002 Olympic Speed Skating Medalists
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