2000 NL Baseball Team By Team Stats (Cincinnati Reds)

Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Chris Stynes.3343807112712405
Alex Ochoa.316244507713588
Sean Casey.3154806915120851
Barry Larkin.31339671124114114
Dmitri Young.3035486816618880
Dante Bichette.2954616713616765
Aaron Boone.285291448312436
Ken Griffey Jr..271520100141401186
Ed Taubensee.26726629716240
Brian L. Hunter.267240476411420
Michael Tucker.2672705572153613
Benito Santiago.26225222668452
Pokey Reese.25551876132124629
Juan Castro.24122420544230
Acquired: IF Castro from LA for P Kenny Kutz (Apr. 1); OF Hunter from Col. for P Robert Averette (Aug. 6).
Traded: P Neagle and OF Mike Frank to NYY for four minor leaguers (July 12); OF Bichette to Bos. for P Chris Reitsma and P John Curtice (Aug. 31).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW- LGmIPBBSO
Danny Graves2.5610-56691.14253
Scott Williamson3.295-848112.075136
Scott Sullivan3.473-679106.13896
Denny Neagle3.528-218117.25088
Osvaldo Fernandez3.624-31579.23136
Elmer Dessens4.2811-540147.14385
Dennys Reyes4.532-16243.22936
Pete Harnisch4.748-622131.04671
Steve Parris4.8112-1733192.271117
Rob Bell*5.007-826140.173112
Ron Villone5.4310-1035141.07877
Saves: Graves (30); Williamson (6); Sullivan (3); Dessens, Larry Luebbers and John Riedling (1). Complete games: Harnisch (3); Villone (2); Fernandez, Dessens and Bell (1). Shutouts: Harnisch (1).

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2000 NL Team by Team Statistics
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