2002 International League
All-Star Team

As selected by the league's managers, coaches, media and club representatives.

Pos.Name, Team (Affiliate)
CJohnny Estrada, Scranton-WB (Phillies)
1BJoe Vitiello, Ottawa (Expos)
2BMarco Scutaro, Norfolk (Mets)
3BJoe Crede, Charlotte (White Sox)
SSNick Punto, Scranton-WB (Phillies)
OFMarlon Byrd, Scranton-WB (Phillies)
OFEndy Chavez, Ottawa (Expos)
OFRaul Gonzalez, Louisville (Reds)
DHKevin Witt, Louisville (Reds)
UTDavid Doster, Scranton-WB (Phillies)
SPJoe Roa, Scranton-WB (Phillies)
RPLee Gardner, Durham (Devil Rays)
MVPRaul Gonzalez, OF, Louisville
Pitcher of the YearJoe Roa, Scranton-WB
Rookie of the YearCarl Crawford, Durham
Manager of the YearMarc Bombard, Scranton-WB

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All-Star Team
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