1999-2000 MLS Playoffs

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff



MLS Cup 2000

The format of the MLS Quarterfinal and Semifinals series changed for 2000. Instead of a best-of-three series, each quarterfinal and semifinal will be won by the first team to accumulate five points. Just like in the regular season, three points were awarded for a win and one for a tie. The standard 10-minute, sudden-death overtime are played following each game in the event the score is tied. The winner of the series is the first team to reach or exceed five points within the three games. All three games can not end as draws. Should the series remain even on points following regulation or overtime of the third game (3-3, or 4-4) the two clubs would move directly to an additional 20-minute golden-goal overtime period (two 10-minute halves). If neither team scores during the 20-minute period, the game would be decided on penalty kicks.

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