84th Indianapolis 500

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Date—Sunday, May 28, 2000, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Distance— 500 miles; Course— 2.5 mile oval; Field— 33 cars; Winner's average speed— 167.607 mph; Margin of victory— 7.184 seconds; Time of race— 2 hours, 58 minutes, 59.431 seconds; Caution flags— 7 for 39 laps; Lead changes— 6 by 4 drivers; Lap leaders— Montoya (167), Ray (26), Vasser (5), McGehee (2); Pole Sitter— Greg Ray at 223.471 mph; Attendance— 375,000 (est.); TV Rating— 5.4/13 share (ABC). Note that (r) indicates rookie driver.

Driver (start pos.) CountryCar Laps Ended Earnings
1Juan Montoya (2)Colombia G/A/F200Running$1,235,690
2Buddy Lazier (16)United StatesD/A/F200Running567,100
3Eliseo Salazar (3)ChileG/A/F200Running468,900
4Jeff Ward (6)United StatesG/A/F200Running355,000
5Eddie Cheever Jr. (10)United StatesD/I/F200Running360,000
6Robby Gordon (4)United StatesD/A/F200Running 214,355
7Jimmy Vasser (7)United StatesG/A/F199Running207,505
8Stephan Gregoire (20)FranceG/A/F199Running305,900
9Scott Goodyear (13)CanadaD/A/F199Running347,800
10Scott Sharp (5)United StatesD/A/F198Running312,000
11Mark Dismore (11)United StatesD/A/F198Running293,500
12Donnie Beechler (15)United States D/A/F198Running283,000
13Jaques Lazier (26)United StatesG/A/F198Running290,250
14Jeret Schroeder (29)United StatesD/A/F198Running278,000
15Billy Boat (31)United StatesG/A/F198Running210,000
16Raul Boesel (24)BrazilG/A/F197Running212,000
17Jason Leffler (17)United StatesG/A/F197Running169,905
18Buzz Caulkins (22)United StatesD/A/F194Running169,000
19Steve Knapp (27)United StatesG/I/F193Running166,000
20Davey Hamilton (28)United StatesG/A/F188Running165,500
21Robby McGehee (12)United StatesG/A/F187Running280,400
22Johnny Unser (30)United StatesG/A/F186Running161,000
23Stan Wattles (8)United StatesD/A/F172Engine159,000
24Sam Hornish Jr. (14)United StatesD/A/F153Accident268,250
25Airton Dare (21)BrazilG/A/F126Engine262,250
26Robbie Buhl (9)United StatesG/A/F99Engine258,500
27Richie Hearn (23)United StatesD/A/F97Electrical155,000
28Andy Hillenburg (33)United StatesD/A/F91Wheel Bearing154,250
29Al Unser Jr. (18)United StatesG/A/F89Over Heating256,000
30Jimmy Kite (25)United StatesG/A/F74Engine164,000
31Sarah Fisher (19)United StatesD/A/F71Accident165,750
32Lyn St. James (32)United StatesG/A/F69Accident152,000
33Greg Ray (1)United StatesD/A/F67Accident 388,700
Car Legend: Chassis/Engine/Tires. D—Dallara; G—G Force (chassis); A—Oldsmobile Aurora V-8; I—Nissan Infiniti V-8 (engine); F—Firestone (tires).

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