2000-01 Minor League Hockey Southern Conference

Southeast Division

Team (Affiliate)WLTPtsGFGA
*South Carolina (Buf.)4223791240210
?Florida (Car.)3826884236242
Tallahassee (Edm. & Mon.)3827783248219
?Pee Dee (Ott.)3828682242231
?Augusta (Indep.)3629779259253
Greenville (Bos. & Atl.)3433573219239
Note: At the conclusion of the regular season, Tallahassee was penalized 15 points in the standings (from 83 to 68) due to salary cap violations.

Southwest Division

Team (Affiliate)WLTPtsGFGA
*Louisiana (Indep.)4224690237209
?Jackson (Min.)3924987206209
?Mobile (Ott.)3828682240233
?New Orleans (SJ & Nash.)35251282247239
?Arkansas (Indep.)34241482237232
?Baton Rouge (Indep.)35261181216225
Mississippi (LA & Pho.)3433573221218
Birmingham (Indep.)2840460224296
Pensacola (Indep.)2740559201250

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