1999-2000 Women's College Soccer: 1999 Final Soccer America Top 20

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Final 1999 regular season poll including games through Nov. 8. Conducted by the national weekly Soccer America and released in the Nov. 22 issue. Listing includes records through conference playoffs as well as NCAA tournament record and team lost to. Teams in bold type went on to reach NCAA Final Four. All tournament games decided by penalty kicks are considered ties.

Nov. 8
NCAA Recap
1Santa Clara20-0-03-1 (Notre Dame)
2North Carolina19-2-05-0
3Florida21-1-00-1 (Hartford)
4Nebraska20-1-12-0-1 (Notre Dame)
5Notre Dame18-3-03-1-1 (North Carolina)
6Harvard14-1-10-1 (Boston College)
7William & Mary18-3-01-1 (North Carolina)
8Connecticut15-7-02-1 (Santa Clara)
9Clemson13-6-11-1-1 (North Carolina)
10Penn St.18-3-13-1 (North Carolina)
11Wake Forest15-6-01-0-1 (Clemson)
12Stanford14-4-11-1 (Notre Dame)
13USC14-5-00-1 (SMU)
14Kentucky16-2-20-1 (Texas A&M)
15Virginia12-8-01-1 (Hartford)
16UCLA14-4-11-1 (Santa Clara)
17Michigan16-5-10-1 (Wake Forest)
18Texas A&M15-4-11-1 (Nebraska)
19SMU15-5-11-1 (Penn St.)
20Fresno St.14-5-20-1 (Cal Poly)

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