College Baseball's 2002 Season: Final Baseball America Top 25

Final 2002 Division I Top 25, voted on by the editors of Baseball America and released after the NCAA College World Series. Given are final records (excluding ties) and winning percentage (including all postseason games); records in College World Series and team eliminated by (DNP indicates team did not play in tourney); head coach (career years and four-year college record including 2002 postseason); preseason ranking and rank before start of CWS.

RecordPctCWS Recap Head CoachPreseason
1Texas57-15.7924-0Augie Garrido (34 yrs: 1380-666-8)92
2South Carolina57-18.7604-2 (Texas)Ray Tanner (15 yrs: 669-286-3)143
3Clemson54-17.7612-2 (S. Carolina)Jack Leggett (23 yrs: 811-462)24
4Stanford47-18.7232-2 (Texas)Mark Marquess (26 yrs: 1093-533-5)15
5Rice52-14.7880-2 (Notre Dame)Wayne Graham (11 yrs: 478-212)111
6Notre Dame50-18.7351-2 (Stanford)Paul Mainieri (14 yrs: 506-300-1)56
7Florida State60-14.811DNPMike Martin (23 yrs: 1239-416-3)67
8Georgia Tech52-16.7541-2 (S. Carolina)Danny Hall (15 yrs: 604-289)138
9Nebraska47-21.6910-2 (S. Carolina)Dave Van Horn (9 yrs: 371-168)89
10Houston48-17.738DNPRayner Noble (8 yrs: 294-194)NR10
11Louisiana St.44-22.667DNPSmoke Laval (8 yrs: 285-181)711
12Wake Forest47-13.783DNPGeorge Greer (21 yrs: 668-447-7)2112
13Alabama51-15.773DNPJim Wells (13 yrs: 563-241)NR13
14USC37-24.607DNPMike Gillespie (16 yrs: 645-356-2)414
15Florida46-19.708DNPPat McMahon (10 yrs: 399-193)NR15
16Richmond53-13.803DNPRon Atkins (18 yrs: 560-405-4)NR16
17North Carolina43-21.672DNPMike Fox (4 yrs: 161-82)1917
18CS-Northridge41-17.707DNPMike Batesole (7 yrs: 256-158-1)2218
19Florida Atlantic46-21.687DNPKevin Cooney (19 yrs: 657-396-9)NR19
20Miami-FL34-29.540DNPJim Morris (21 yrs: 931-392-2)320
21Long Beach St.39-21.650DNPMike Weathers (3 yrs: 79-60)NR21
22Arizona St.37-21.638DNPPat Murphy (18 yrs: 677-337-3)1822
23Wichita St.47-16.746DNPGene Stephenson (25 yrs: 1357-421-3)1223
24San Jose St.45-17.726DNPSam Piraro (16 yrs: 536-384-4)NR24
25Arkansas35-28.556DNPNorm DeBriyn (33 yrs: 1161-650-6)NR25

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