2000-01 Season: 2001 Schedule and Results

Through Oct. 1, 2001. FIFA World Youth Championship games in bold type.

Date Result USA Goals Site
Jan. 5LA Galaxy (MLS)L, 0-5?Chula Vista, Calif.
Jan. 7D.C. United (MLS)L, 0-1?Chula Vista, Calif.
Jan. 13Hyang Hee UniversityW, 2-1Buddle, GrayChula Vista, Calif.
Jan. 14San Diego Flash (A-League)T, 0-0?Chula Vista, Calif.
Jan. 23Hyang Hee UniversityL, 1-2DavisChula Vista, Calif.
Jan. 24La Jolla NomadsW, 5-1Eskandarian, Barclay (2), Martino, TremblyChula Vista, Calif.
Jan. 28ChivasT, 0-0?Guadalajara, Mexico
Jan. 30MexicoW, 1-0MartinoGuadalajara, Mexico
Feb. 1MexicoW, 2-1Buddle, TremblyGuadalajara, Mexico
Feb. 17CSEPEL Auto TradersW, 4-1Martino, Buddle (2), TremblyChula Vista, Calif.
Feb. 20San Diego St.W, 2-1Burciaga, BeckermanChula Vista, Calif.
Feb. 23CSEPEL Auto TradersT, 1-1BuddleChula Vista, Calif.
Feb. 25Univ. of San FranciscoW, 4-0n/aChula Vista, Calif.
Mar. 9NY/NJ MetroStarsL, 1-2CutlerSunrise, Fla.
Mar. 11Haiti SelectW, 5-1Beasley, Gray, Martino,
Donovan (2)
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Mar. 13Miami Fusion (MLS)W, 2-0Donovan (2)Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Mar. 18GuatemalaW, 5-0Casey, Convey (2), Beasley, DavisTunapuna, Trinidad
Mar. 20Trinidad & TobagoW, 5-1Beasley (2), Donovan, Convey, DavisTunapuna, Trinidad
Mar. 22Costa RicaT, 1-1MartinoTunapuna, Trinidad
April 11LA Galaxy (MLS)L, 1-4n/aPasadena, Calif.
April 17UCLAL, 1-2n/aChula Vista, Calif.
May 12Costa RicaT, 1-1GrayChula Vista, Calif.
May 24ItalyW, 2-1Onyewu, EskandarianToulon, France
May 26ColombiaL, 1-3EskandarianLe Pontet, France
May 28NetherlandsT, 0-0?Aubagne, France
June 17ChinaL, 0-1?Mendoza, Argentina
June 20ChileW, 4-1Beasley (2), Davis, BuddleMendoza, Argentina
June 23UkraineT, 1-1ArenaMendoza, Argentina
June 27EgyptL, 0-2?Buenos Aires
Overall record: 13-9-7. Team scoring: Goals For?52; Goals Against?35.

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2000-01 Season
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