1995-1996 Season: High School Players to enter NBA

Updated August 28, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
PlayerPro career
Tony Kappen1946-47
Connie Simmons1946-56
Joe Graboski1948-62
Reggie Harding1963-68
Moses Malone1974-95
Bill Willoughby1975-84
Darryl Dawkins1975-89
Kevin Garnett1995—
Kobe Bryant1996—
Jermaine O'Neal1996—
Note: Kappen started out in the American Basketball League and Malone started out in the American Basketball Association. Because they enrolled in a college, Lloyd Daniels (Mount St. Antonio), Thomas Hamilton (Pittsburgh) and Shawn Kemp (Kentucky/Trinity Valley CC) were not included on this list.

Underclassmen in NBA Draft1995-1996 SeasonDream Team 96, USA Select 90
1995-1996 Season
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