1960 Olympic Leading Medal Winners (Speed Skating, Cross Country, Alpine Skiing)

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.


No SportG-S-B
3Veikko Hakulinen, FINX-country1-1-1
2Yevgeny Grishin, USSRSp. Skate2-0-0
2Håkon Brusveen, NORX-country1-1-0
2Knut Johannesen, NORSp. Skate1-1-0
2Sixten Jernberg, SWEX-country1-1-0
2Viktor Kosichkin, USSRSp. Skate1-1-0
2Ernst Hinterseer, AUTAlpine1-0-1
2Rolf Rämgård, SWEX-country0-1-1
2Nikolai Anikin, USSRX-country0-0-2


No SportG-S-B
2Lydia Skoblikova, USSRSp. Skate2-0-0
2Maria Gusakova, USSRX-country1-1-0
2Helga Haase, GERSp. Skate1-1-0
2Penny Pitou, USAAlpine0-2-0
2Lyubov Baranova, USSRX-country0-2-0
2Radya Eroshina, USSRX-country0-1-1


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1960 Winter Olympics
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