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Simple Search

To search, simply type the words you want to look up in the search box above and click the "Search" button. This will search all of the Infoplease Almanacs®, plus the Columbia Encyclopedia and Infoplease® Dictionary in one click.

Focused Search

For a more focused search, you can narrow your reference sources. Click on the pull-down menu (the arrow to the right of "All Infoplease"), highlight and click on the desired source ("All Almanacs," "Biographies," "Sports," "Entertainment," etc.), and then click "Search" to view the results.

Search Tips

Searches are not case-sensitive. This means a search will include all occurrences of your word, whether capitalized or not. Different forms of words, such as "volcano" and "volcanoes", are considered the same for searching purposes. Accented letters can also be found by typing either the accented or unaccented form: to search for el niño you can type el nino.

If you enter more than one word, pages containing the phrase will be listed first, followed by pages that contain the individual words. You request exact matches only by using quotation marks around the entire phrase, in which case only matches to the phrase will be listed.


You can browse the entire content of our almanacs or click on the navigation bar at the left to browse these specific almanac categories:

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