A Sermon on the Public Function of Woman - Preface

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by Theodore Parker


The following Sormon is part of a long course of Sermons on the Spiritual Development of the Human Race. One Chapter in that series treated of Woman, and consisted of four Sermons:

  1. I. Of the historical Formation of the popular Idea of Woman, and of her consequent Position in the world past and present;

  2. II. Of the peculiar Characteristics and the true Idea of Woman;

  3. III. Of the Ideal Domestic Function of Woman;

  4. IV. Of the Ideal Public Function of Woman.

These four make a whole by themselves, which I would gladly print, had I not already other matters in hand which demand more immediate attention. But I have been repeatedly asked to print the fourth of the series; and in such a manner that I cannot reasonably refuse. The two accomplished reporters, named on the title page, have furnished me with their manuscript; and, with a few additions, of things omitted for want of time at the delivery, I send it forth to the larger public.

THEODORE PARKER. Boston, April 4, 1853.

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