Poems and Songs of Robert Burns: Terminology: Y

Updated May 6, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
by Robert Burns


Yard, a garden; a stackyard.
Yaud, an old mare.
Yealings, coevals.
Yell, dry (milkless).
Yerd, earth.
Yerkit, jerked.
Yerl, earl.
Ye'se, ye shall.
Yestreen, last night.
Yett, a gate.
Yeuk, to itch.
Yill, ale.
Yill-Caup, ale-stoup.
Yird, yearth, earth.
Yokin, yoking; a spell; a day's work.
Yon, yonder.
'Yont, beyond.
Yowe, ewe.
Yowie, dim. of ewe; a pet ewe.
Yule, Christmas.
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