Sheryl Crow

Singer / Songwriter
Date Of Birth:
11 February 1962
Place Of Birth:
Kennett, Missouri
Best Known As:
Singer of "All I Wanna Do"
Sheryl Crow was a backup and studio session singer until her platinum solo album Tuesday Night Music Club (1994) and its breakout single, "All I Wanna Do." She quickly became a regular at the Grammy Awards and on MTV, where her good looks and jangle-rocking style have kept her extremely popular. During the late '90s she kept the hits coming, including "If it Makes You Happy" and "A Change (Will Do You Good)" (1996) as well as the Grammy-winning album The Globe Sessions (1998). Her 2002 release, C'mon, C'mon, earned more Grammy nominations and produced the hits "Steve McQueen" and "Soak Up the Sun."
Extra Credit:

Crow spent two years as a backup singer for Michael Jackson‘s "Bad" tour… She dated bicycle superstar Lance Armstrong from 2003 until 2006, when they split up after a brief engagement… In February of 2006 Crow was surgically treated for breast cancer.

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