‘N Sync

Pop Musician
Date Of Birth:
Place Of Birth:
Orlando, Florida
Best Known As:
The heartthrobs who sang "I Want You Back" and "Bye Bye Bye"

*NSYNC helped establish the "boy band" craze of the late 1990s and early 2000s. The group formed in 1996, and after a few years of touring and promotions became known for its good looks, cheerful pop melodies and tremendous appeal to teenaged female fans. The quintet included Justin Timberlake (born 31 January 1981), Joshua "J.C." Chasez (b. 8 August 1976), Chris Kirkpatrick (b. 17 October 1971), Joey Fatone (b. 28 January 1977) and Lance Bass (b. 4 May 1979). The group's first three albums sold over 30 million copies combined; they include *NSYNC (1998), No Strings Attached (2000) and Celebrity (2001). *NYSNC is often compared to the Backstreet Boys, a similar group of the same era.

Extra Credit:

According to the band’s official site, the members “created the name *NSYNC out of the last letters of each of their first names.”

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