Michael Dukakis

Political Figure / State Governor
Date Of Birth:
3 November 1933
Place Of Birth:
Brookline, Massachusetts
Best Known As:
1988 Democratic nominee for U.S. President
Michael Dukakis served three terms as governor of Massachusetts and was the Democratic Party's 1988 nominee for U.S. President. Smart and competent but somewhat bland, Michael Dukakis and vice-presidential nominee Lloyd Bentsen carried only 10 states in a lopsided loss to Republican George Bush and his running mate, Dan Quayle. At home in academia since retiring as governor in 1991, Michael Dukakis has continued to advocate health-care policy reform, public transportation and other causes. Michael Dukakis has taught public policy at Boston's Northeastern University, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, the University of Hawaii and the University of California at Los Angeles.
Extra Credit:

Michael Dukakis was the first Greek American nominated for president. His name is pronounced “doo-KAH-kus”… Michael Dukakis and his wife, Kitty (the former Katharine Dickson), have three children, John, Andrea and Kara… Michael Dukakis is the cousin of actress Olympia Dukakis. She introduced him by video at the 1988 Democratic convention.

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