Megyn Kelly

TV Personality
Date Of Birth:
18 November 1970
Place Of Birth:
Syracuse, New York
Megyn Kelly is a television personality who has hosted her own show, The Kelly File, on FoxNews since 2013. She was a lawyer before she switched careers, a 1995 graduate of Albany Law School who spent nearly a decade as a litigator in Chicago. She moved to Washington, D.C. in 2003 and landed a job as a reporter at a local station, and within two years she'd been hired by FoxNews. Kelly was fast-tracked to stardom, getting screen time on various programs until getting her own show, America Live, in 2010. Her magazine model looks and aggressive questioning made ratings pop, and she revamped her show to become The Kelly File, one of the most popular news and opinion shows on cable television. She occasionally makes the news herself for being a little too opinionated, as when she challenged former Vice President Dick Cheney over the 2003 invasion of Iraq ("history has proven that you got it wrong," she told him), or as when she got in a public tiff with Donald Trump in 2015.
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