Linda Blair

Date Of Birth:
22 January 1959
Place Of Birth:
St. Louis, Missouri
Best Known As:
The demon-possessed girl in the 1972 film The Exorcist

Linda Blair began modeling when she was five years old. By her teens she had started acting on television and movies, and before she was 14 she had already taken her most famous role: that of Regan, the demon-possessed child in the 1972 film The Exorcist (co-starring Max von Sydow). The film became a horror classic, and Linda Blair was Oscar-nominated as best supporting actress for the role. She also appeared four years later in the sequel, and starred in the campy cult favorite Roller Boogie in 1979. Since then Blair has appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows, performed on Broadway (in Grease as Rizzo), and is a well-known advocate for animal welfare and environmental causes.

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