Kristen Wiig

Actor / Comedian
Date Of Birth:
22 August 1973
Place Of Birth:
Canandigua, New York
Best Known As:
The enthusiastic Target clerk on Saturday Night Live
Kristen Wiig has been a regular performer on Saturday Night Live since 2005, and her star rose after her turn as a snarky television executive in the Judd Apatow comedy Knocked Up (2007, starring Seth Rogen). A veteran of the Los Angeles comedy group The Groundlings, Wiig began as a minor player on SNL while appearing in small parts on television in the movies. Since 2007 she's appeared in a number of comedies including Walk Hard (2007), Semi-Pro (2008, with Will Ferrell, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008, starring Jason Segel), Ghost Town (2008, starring Ricky Gervais) and Adventureland (2009). Wiig has also appeared in Bill (2007, starring Aaron Eckhart) and the roller derby movie Whip It (2009, starring Ellen Page), and did voice work for How to Train Your Dragon (2010). By 2009 she was a top performer on SNL, known for her ability to portray oddball characters such as fan favorites Target Lady and Aunt Linda. Her efforts on the show earned Wiig an Emmy nomination in 2009.
Extra Credit:

Her last name is pronounced “wig”… Other comedians who worked with The Groundlings include Will Ferrell, Paul “Pee Wee” Reubens, and Lisa Kudrow.

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