Joan Miró

Date Of Birth:
20 April 1893
Date Of Death:
25 December 1983
Place Of Birth:
Barcelona, Catalonianow Spain
Best Known As:
Colorful Catalan abstract painter and sculptor
The collages, sculptures, tapestries and abstract paintings created by Joan Miró were bright, fantastical and reminiscent of cave paintings. Miró is closely associated with both Barcelona and Paris: he was raised in Barcelona and moved to Paris in 1920. There he became acquainted with other young artists and writers, including Pablo Picasso, Ezra Pound and Ernest Hemingway (who bought Miró's painting The Farm in 1923). Miró's first solo exhibit in Paris was in 1925, and by 1930 he was being exhibited in the United States. From then on he worked on paintings, collages, tapestries and ceramic and bronze sculptures. His bold reds, blues and yellows and simple shapes make his work instantly recognizable, and his monumental, abstract sculptures are landmarks in Paris, Chicago, New York and Barcelona.
Extra Credit:

His name is pronounced hwan mr-OH… He married the artist Pilar Juncosa in 1929. They had one daughter, Dolores (b. 1931), and remained married until Miro’s death in 1983.

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