Jessica Rabbit

Animated Character
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Sexy wife of Roger Rabbit in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Jessica Rabbit was the voluptuous cartoon femme fatale of the 1988 feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The popular comedy, a loose-limbed mix of live action and animation, was based loosely on Gary Wolf's 1981 book Who Censored Roger Rabbit? Jessica Rabbit was the absurdly sexy wife of hapless hero Roger Rabbit, and a constant temptation to human detective Eddie Valiant. With mock innocence and more curves than Daytona, Jessica delivered the immortal line: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way." Jessica Rabbit also added spice to later Roger Rabbit cartoons as both she and Roger had an extended run in the 1990s.
Extra Credit:

Though Roger Rabbit is an animated rabbit, Jessica Rabbit is an animated human; the pairing is played for laughs in the film… Actress Kathleen Turner supplied Jessica Rabbit’s voice for the film, though she wasn’t listed in the film’s original credits… Jessica Rabbit’s appearance is reminiscent of the outlandish style of animator Tex Avery… Other animated characters who make cameo appearances in the film include Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and Pinocchio… Gary Wolf wrote a 1991 sequel to his original book, titled Who P-p-plugged Roger Rabbit?

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