Hal Holbrook

Date Of Birth:
17 February 1925
Place Of Birth:
Cleveland, Ohio
Best Known As:
Stage and TV actor known for playing Mark Twain

Name at birth: Harold Rowe Holbrook, Jr.

Veteran stage and TV actor Hal Holbrook is best known as the lanky powerhouse who's been playing Mark Twain in theaters since the 1950s. His one-man show, Mark Twain Tonight, was an off-Broadway standard for years before he finally won a Tony award in 1966. From there he became a respected guest star and lead player in TV movies in the 1970s, an Emmy winner for The Bold Ones in 1971, for Pueblo in 1974 and for Lincoln in 1976. Over the years he's had a number or character roles in feature films, including the key role of Deep Throat in 1976's All the President's Men (with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman) and his Oscar-nominated role in Sean Penn's 2007 film Into the Wild (starring Emile Hirsch).

Extra Credit:

Holbrook’s wife is actress Dixie Carter (Julia on TV’s Designing Women, 1986-93).

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