Eva Gabor

Date Of Birth:
11 February 1919
Date Of Death:
4 July 1995
Place Of Birth:
Budapest, Hungary
Best Known As:
Star of the TV sitcom Green Acres
Eva Gabor played the lovably silly Lisa Douglas on Green Acres, a 1965-70 sitcom about city sophisticates who move to the country. Eva Gabor and her sisters Zsa Zsa and Magda were a popular trio of celebrity beauties in their day, with Zsa Zsa and Eva being nearly interchangeable: blondes in furs with Hungarian accents. They were also alike in multiple marriages: Eva Gabor was married five times, while Zsa Zsa was married a whopping nine times. Eva Gabor had a scattershot career in Hollywood movies; her best-known role was probably the high-strung Paris beauty Liane d'Exelmans in the 1958 musical Gigi. Eva Gabor also appeared on Broadway, notably in the 1950 hit The Happy Time.
Extra Credit:

Eva Gabor did voices for the Disney animated films The Aristocats (1970) and The Rescuers (1977)… Her husband on Green Acres was played by Eddie Albert.

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