Daphne Zuniga

Date Of Birth:
28 October 1962
Place Of Birth:
San Francisco, California
Best Known As:
Jo on TV's Melrose Place
Daphne Zuniga played the hapless Jo on Fox Television's prime-time soap opera Melrose Place from 1992 to 1996. Zuniga's career had started 10 years earlier (with a small part in The Dorm That Dripped Blood in 1982), and in the 1980s she played youthful chums and girl-next door types in films like Vision Quest (1985), The Sure Thing (1985, with John Cusack) and Gross Anatomy (1989). She also starred as Princess Vespa, the Carrie Fisher knockoff, in Mel Brooks's 1987 Star Wars parody Space Balls. After leaving Melrose Place, Zuniga continued to appear on TV (1996's Pandora's Clock) and in the occasional feature film. She starred as the single mom of two precocious girls in the TV series Beautiful People (2005-06).
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