Andrea Dworkin

Activist / Writer
Date Of Birth:
26 September 1946
Date Of Death:
9 April 2005
Place Of Birth:
Camden, New Jersey
Best Known As:
Author of Woman Hating
Writer Andrea Dworkin was a feminist and activist famous for her passionate campaign against pornography. She gained national attention after the publication of her book Woman Hating (1974), the first of her many books and essays addressing the sexual and political dominance of men over women. Dworkin openly and frankly discussed traumatic events of her own life, but her work was primarily about society in general and gender roles in particular. More literary activist than resistance leader, Dwarkin was an unabashed polemic; she was often criticized by the right for being a feminist and lesbian, and by the left for advocating the censorship of pornography. Her books include: Pornography: Men Possessing Women (1981); Right-Wing Women (1983); Intercourse (1987); Heartbreak: The Political Memoir of a Feminist Militant (2002); and the novels Mercy (1990) and Ice and Fire (1987).
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