Isabella Rossellini Biography

Isabella Rossellini

actress, model
Born: 6/18/1952
Birthplace: Rome, Italy

Although she is the daughter of actress Ingrid Bergman and one of Italy's greatest directors (Roberto Rossellini ), Isabella Rossellini didn't plan to pursue the family business. She first worked as a television reporter and later a model, appearing on the cover of magazines and in cosmetic commercials. She finally consented to appear on film in White Nights (1985) then in Blue Velvet (1986), directed by her one-time husband David Lynch. She then appeared in Wyatt Earp (1993) and The Big Night (1996) and on television in an episode of Friends (1996) and in the mini-series The Odyssey (1996) and Merlin (1998). She was also married at one time to director Martin Scorsese. Her autobiography is entitled Some of Me (1997).

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