Dan Patch Awards

Harness Horse of the Year

1959 Bye Bye Byrd, Pacer
1960?61 Adios Butler, Pacer
1962 Su Mac Lad, Trotter
1963 Speedy Scot, Trotter
1964?66 Bret Hanover, Pacer
1967?69 Nevele Pride, Trotter
1970 Fresh Yankee, Trotter
1971?72 Albatross, Pacer
1973 Sir Dalrae, Pacer
1974 Delmonica Hanover, Trotter
1975 Savoir, Trotter
1976 Keystone Ore, Pacer
1977 Green Speed, Trotter
1978 Abercrombie, Pacer
1979?80 Niatross, Pacer
1981 Fan Hanover, Pacer
1982?83 Cam Fella, Pacer
1984 Fancy Crown, Trotter
1985 Nihilator, Trotter
1986 Forrest Skipper
1987?88 Mack Lobell
1989 Matt's Scooter
1990 Beach Towell
1991 Precious Bunny
1992 Artsplace
1993 Staying Together
1994 Cam's Card Shark
1995 CR Kay Suzie
1997Malabar Man
1998?99Moni Maker
2000Gallo Blue Chip
2001Bunny Lake
2002Real Desire
2003No Pan Intended
2004Rainbow Blue
2005Rocknroll Hanover

Other 2005 Dan Patch Awards

Pacer of the YearRocknroll Hanover
Trotter of the Year Mr. Muscleman
3-Year-Old Pacing FillyCabrini Hanover
2-Year-Old Pacing ColtJereme's Jet
2-Year-Old Pacing FillyMy Little Dragon
3-Year-Old Pacing ColtRocknroll Hanover
2-Year-Old Trotting ColtChocolatier
2-Year-Old Trotting FillyPassionate Glide
3-Year-Old Trotting ColtVivid Photo
3-Year-Old Trotting FillyBlur
Older Male TrotterMr. Muscleman
Older Female TrotterPeaceful Way
Older Male PacerBoulder Creek
Older Female PacerLoyal Opposition
Chosen in poll conducted by U.S. Trotting Association in conjunction with the U.S. Harness Writers Association.

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