Cyndi Lauper Biography

Cyndi Lauper

musician, singer
Born: 6/22/1953
Birthplace: Queens, New York

Pop/rock singer and musician known for her ragtag appearance, colorful hair, and hit song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” , the anthem of the '80s MTV generation. A high school dropout, Lauper sang in various bands, clubs and restaurants until the release of her debut album She's So Unusual in 1983. Thanks in part to heavy MTV coverage the album became a major hit, and several songs, including “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, found their way into the top 10. Later albums did not fare as well as her debut, although Lauper continues to write and record. True Colors was released in 1986, A Night to Remember in 1989, and Sisters of Avalon in 1997. She performed at the 2004 Nobel Peace Concert and in 2006 made her Broadway debut as Jenny Diver in The Threepenny Opera.

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