1997 Tour Statistics (as of Oct. 5, 1997)

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All-Around— Combined ranks in the other statistical categories; Scoring Leaders— The number is not a pure scoring average. It is adjusted to the average score of the field each week. If the field is under par, each player's score is adjusted upward a corresponding amount and vice versa if the field is above par. This keeps a player from receiving an advantage for playing easier-than-average courses. Putting Leaders— An average of the number of putts taken on greens hit in regulation. By using only greens hit in regulation, the stat no longer allows players who regularly miss greens to get up-and-down and then dominate the stat. Eagle Leaders— the average number of holes between each eagle. Greens in Regulation— A statistic based on number of greens reached in regulation out of total holes played. A hole is considered hit in regulation if any portion of the ball rest on the putting surface in two shots less than the par. A par five hit in two shots does not increase the statistic; it merely counts as one green hit in regulation. Sand Saves— a percentage of up-and-down efforts from greenside sand traps only. Fairway bunkers are not included. Driving Distance— Average computed by charting exact distances of two tee shots on the most open par four or five holes on both front and back nine. Drive Accuracy— Percentage of fairways hit on par four and five holes. Par threes are excluded. Total Driving— Drive distance rank + Drive Accuracy rank

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