David Duchovny Biography

David Duchovny

Born: 8/7/1960
Birthplace: New York City

Actor who plays FBI agent Fox Mulder, a monotone believer in U.F.O.s and extraterrestrials, on The X-Files (1993–present). Duchovny also played Denise, a transvestite detective, on television's Twin Peaks (1990–91). Duchovny was a Ph.D. candidate at Yale when he acted in his first commercial. He made his film debut in 1991's Julia Has Two Lovers. He also appeared in Chaplin (1992) and Kalifornia (1993) before the premiere of The X-Files. His other films include the big-screen The X-Files (1998) Playing God (1997) and Return to Me (2000). He is married to actress Téa Leoni.

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