NBA Playoffs: Western Conference

FIRST ROUND (Best of 5)

W-L Avg. Leading Scorer
Utah3-0105.0Malone (30.7)
LA Clippers0-392.3Vaught (15.0)
Date Winner Home Court
Apr. 24Jazz, 106-86at Utah
Apr. 26Jazz, 105-99at Utah
Apr. 28Jazz, 104-92at Los Angeles
W-L Avg. Leading Scorer
Seattle3-2112.8Payton (25.4)
Phoenix2-3100.2Chapman (24.2)
Date Winner Home Court
Apr. 25Suns, 106-101at Seattle
Apr. 27Supersonics, 122-78at Seattle
Apr. 29Suns, 110-103at Phoenix
May 1Supersonics, 122-115 OTat Phoenix
May 3Supersonics, 116-92at Seattle
W-L Avg. Leading Scorer
& Olajuwon (18.3)
Minnesota0-399.7Marbury (21.3)
Date Winner Home Court
Apr. 24Rockets, 112-95at Houston
Apr. 26Rockets, 96-84at Houston
Apr. 29Rockets, 125-120at Minnesota
W-L Avg. Leading Scorer
LA Lakers3-1`96.8O'Neal (33.0)
Portland1-389.8Wallace (19.8)
Date Winner Home Court
Apr. 25Lakers, 95-77at Los Angeles
Apr. 27Lakers, 107-93at Los Angeles
Apr. 30Trail Blazers, 98-90at Portland
May 2Lakers, 95-91at Portland

SEMIFINALS (Best of 7)

W-LAvg.Leading Scorer
Utah4-197.6Malone (28.6)
LA Lakers1-494.0O'Neal (22.0)
DateWinnerHome Court
May 4Jazz, 93-77at Utah
May 6Jazz, 103-101at Utah
May 8Lakers, 104-84at Los Angeles
May 10Jazz, 110-95at Los Angeles
May 12Jazz, 98-93 (OT)at Utah
W-LAvg.Leading Scorer
Houston4-3100.9Olajuwon (21.7)
Seattle3-499.6Payton (22.6)
DateWinnerHome Court
May 5Rockets, 112-102at Houston
May 7Supersonics, 106-101at Houston
May 9Rockets, 97-93at Seattle
May 11Rockets, 110-96 (OT)at Seattle
May 13Supersonics, 100-94at Houston
May 15Supersonics, 99-96at Seattle
May 17Rockets, 96-91at Houston


W-LAvg.Leading Scorer
Utah4-2100.2Malone (23.5)
Houston2-497.0Olajuwon (27.2)
DateWinnerHome Court
May 19Jazz, 101-86at Utah
May 21Jazz, 104-92at Utah
May 23Rockets, 118-100at Houston
May 25Rockets, 95-92at Houston
May 27Jazz, 96-91at Utah
May 29Jazz, 103-100at Houston

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