The World Series

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The World Series

The World Series began in 1903 when Pittsburgh of the older National League (founded in 1876) invited Boston of the American League (founded in 1901) to play a best-of-9 game series to determine which of the two league champions was the best. Boston was the surprise winner, 5 games to 3. The 1904 NL champion New York Giants refused to play Boston the following year, so there was no Series. Giants' owner John T. Brush and his manager John McGraw both despised AL president Ban Johnson and considered the junior circuit to be a minor league. By the following year, however, Brush and Johnson had smoothed out their differences and the Giants agreed to play Philadelphia in a best-of-7 game series. Since then the World Series has been a best-of-7 format, except from 1919-21 when it returned to best-of-9.

After surviving two world wars and an earthquake in 1989, the World Series was cancelled for only the second time in 1994 due to the players' strike.

In the chart below, the National League teams are listed in CAPITAL letters. Also, each World Series champion's wins and losses are noted in parentheses after the Series score in games.

Multiple champions: New York Yankees (26); Philadelphia-Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals (9); Boston Red Sox and Brooklyn-Los Angeles Dodgers (6); Cincinnati Reds, New York-San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates (5); Detroit Tigers (4); Baltimore Orioles, Boston-Milwaukee-Atlanta Braves and Washington Senators-Minnesota Twins (3); Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Florida Marlins, New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays (2).

1903Boston Red SoxJimmy Collins5-3 (LWLLWWWW)PITTSBURGHFred Clarke
1904Not held
1905NY GIANTSJohn McGraw4-1 (WLWWW)Philadelphia A'sConnie Mack
1906Chicago White SoxFielder Jones4-2 (WLWLWW)CHICAGO CUBSFrank Chance
1907CHICAGO CUBSFrank Chance4-0-1 (TWWWW)DetroitHughie Jennings
1908CHICAGO CUBSFrank Chance4-1 (WWLWW)DetroitHughie Jennings
1909PITTSBURGHFred Clarke4-3 (WLWLWLW)DetroitHughie Jennings
1910Philadelphia A'sConnie Mack4-1 (WWWLW)CHICAGO CUBSFrank Chance
1911Philadelphia A'sConnie Mack4-2 (LWWWLW)NY GIANTSJohn McGraw
1912Boston Red SoxJake Stahl4-3-1 (WTLWWLLW)NY GIANTSJohn McGraw
1913Philadelphia A'sConnie Mack4-1 (WLWWW)NY GIANTSJohn McGraw
1914BOSTON BRAVESGeorge Stallings4-0Philadelphia A'sConnie Mack
1915Boston Red SoxBill Carrigan4-1 (LWWWW)PHILA. PHILLIESPat Moran
1916Boston Red SoxBill Carrigan4-1 (WWLWW)BROOKLYNWilbert Robinson
1917Chicago White SoxPants Rowland4-2 (WWLLWW)NY GIANTSJohn McGraw
1918Boston Red SoxEd Barrow4-2 (WLWWLW)CHICAGO CUBSFred Mitchell
1919CINCINNATIPat Moran5-3 (WWLWWLLW)Chicago White SoxKid Gleason
1920ClevelandTris Speaker5-2 (WLLWWWW)BROOKLYNWilbert Robinson
1921NY GIANTSJohn McGraw5-3 (LLWWLWWW)NY YankeesMiller Huggins
1922NY GIANTSJohn McGraw4-0-1 (WTWWW)NY YankeesMiller Huggins
1923NY YankeesMiller Huggins4-2 (LWLWWW)NY GIANTSJohn McGraw
1924WashingtonBucky Harris4-3 (LWLWLWW)NY GIANTSJohn McGraw
1925PITTSBURGHBill McKechnie4-3 (LWLLWWW)WashingtonBucky Harris
1926ST.L. CARDINALSRogers Hornsby4-3 (LWWLLWW)NY YankeesMiller Huggins
1927NY YankeesMiller Huggins4-0PITTSBURGHDonie Bush
1928NY YankeesMiller Huggins4-0ST.L. CARDINALSBill McKechnie
1929Philadelphia A'sConnie Mack4-1 (WWLWW)CHICAGO CUBSJoe McCarthy
1930Philadelphia A'sConnie Mack4-2 (WWLLWW)ST.L. CARDINALSGabby Street
1931ST.L. CARDINALSGabby Street4-3 (LWWLWLW)Philadelphia A'sConnie Mack
1932NY YankeesJoe McCarthy4-0CHICAGO CUBSCharlie Grimm
1933NY GIANTSBill Terry4-1 (WWLWW)WashingtonJoe Cronin
1934ST.L. CARDINALSFrankie Frisch4-3 (WLWLLWW)DetroitMickey Cochrane
1935DetroitMickey Cochrane4-2 (LWWWLW)CHICAGO CUBSCharlie Grimm
1936NY YankeesJoe McCarthy4-2 (LWWWLW)NY GIANTSBill Terry
1937NY YankeesJoe McCarthy4-1 (WWWLW)NY GIANTSBill Terry
1938NY YankeesJoe McCarthy4-0CHICAGO CUBSGabby Hartnett
1939NY YankeesJoe McCarthy4-0CINCINNATIBill McKechnie
1940CINCINNATIBill McKechnie4-3 (LWLWLWW)DetroitDel Baker
1941NY YankeesJoe McCarthy4-1 (WLWWW)BKLN. DODGERSLeo Durocher
1942ST.L. CARDINALSBilly Southworth4-1 (LWWWW)NY YankeesJoe McCarthy
1943NY YankeesJoe McCarthy4-1 (WLWWW)ST.L. CARDINALSBilly Southworth
1944ST.L. CARDINALSBilly Southworth4-2 (LWLWWW)St. Louis BrownsLuke Sewell
1945DetroitSteve O'Neill4-3 (LWLWWLW)CHICAGO CUBSCharlie Grimm
1946ST.L. CARDINALSEddie Dyer4-3 (LWLWLWW)Boston Red SoxJoe Cronin
1947NY YankeesBucky Harris4-3 (WWLLWLW)BKLN. DODGERSBurt Shotton
1948ClevelandLou Boudreau4-2 (LWWWLW)BOSTON BRAVESBilly Southworth
1949NY YankeesCasey Stengel4-1 (WLWWW)BKLN. DODGERSBurt Shotton
1950NY YankeesCasey Stengel4-0PHILA. PHILLIESEddie Sawyer
1951NY YankeesCasey Stengel4-2 (LWLWWW)NY GIANTSLeo Durocher
1952NY YankeesCasey Stengel4-3 (LWLWLWW)BKLN. DODGERSCharlie Dressen
1953NY YankeesCasey Stengel4-2 (WWLLWW)BKLN. DODGERSCharlie Dressen
1954NY GIANTSLeo Durocher4-0ClevelandAl Lopez
1955BKLN. DODGERSWalter Alston4-3 (LLWWWLW)NY YankeesCasey Stengel
1956NY YankeesCasey Stengel4-3 (LLWWWLWBKLN. DODGERSWalter Alston
1957MILW. BRAVESFred Haney4-3 (LWLWWLW)NY YankeesCasey Stengel
1958NY YankeesCasey Stengel4-3 (LLWLWWW)MILW. BRAVESFred Haney
1959LA DODGERSWalter Alston4-2 (LWWWLW)Chicago White SoxAl Lopez
1960PITTSBURGHDanny Murtaugh4-3 (WLLWWLW)NY YankeesCasey Stengel
1961NY YankeesRalph Houk4-1 (WLWWW)CINCINNATIFred Hutchinson
1962NY YankeesRalph Houk4-3 (WLWLWLW)SF GIANTSAlvin Dark
1963LA DODGERSWalter Alston4-0NY YankeesRalph Houk
1964ST.L. CARDINALSJohnny Keane4-3 (WLLWWLW)NY YankeesYogi Berra
1965LA DODGERSWalter Alston4-3 (LLWWWLW)MinnesotaSam Mele
1966BaltimoreHank Bauer4-0LA DODGERSWalter Alston
1967ST.L. CARDINALSRed Schoendienst4-3 (WLWWLLW)Boston Red SoxDick Williams
1968DetroitMayo Smith4-3 (LWLLWWW)ST.L. CARDINALSRed Schoendienst
1969NY METSGil Hodges4-1 (LWWWW)BaltimoreEarl Weaver
1970BaltimoreEarl Weaver4-1 (WWWLW)CINCINNATISparky Anderson
1971PITTSBURGHDanny Murtaugh4-3 (LLWWWLW)BaltimoreEarl Weaver
1972Oakland A'sDick Williams4-3 (WWLWLLW)CINCINNATISparky Anderson
1973Oakland A'sDick Williams4-3 (WLWLLWW)NY METSYogi Berra
1974Oakland A'sAlvin Dark4-1 (WLWWW)LA DODGERSWalter Alston
1975CINCINNATISparky Anderson4-3 (LWWLWLW)Boston Red SoxDarrell Johnson
1976CINCINNATISparky Anderson4-0NY YankeesBilly Martin
1977NY YankeesBilly Martin4-2 (WLWWLW)LA DODGERSTommy Lasorda
1978NY YankeesBob Lemon4-2 (LLWWWW)LA DODGERSTommy Lasorda
1979PITTSBURGHChuck Tanner4-3 (LWLLWWW)BaltimoreEarl Weaver
1980PHILA. PHILLIESDallas Green4-2 (WWLLWW)Kansas CityJim Frey
1981LA DODGERSTommy Lasorda4-2 (LLWWWW)NY YankeesBob Lemon
1982ST.L. CARDINALSWhitey Herzog4-3 (LWWLLWW)Milwaukee BrewersHarvey Kuenn
1983BaltimoreJoe Altobelli4-1 (LWWWW)PHILA. PHILLIESPaul Owens
1984DetroitSparky Anderson4-1 (WLWWW)SAN DIEGODick Williams
1985Kansas CityDick Howser4-3 (LLWLWWW)ST.L. CARDINALSWhitey Herzog
1986NY METSDavey Johnson4-3 (LLWWLWW)Boston Red SoxJohn McNamara
1987MinnesotaTom Kelly4-3 (WWLLLWW)ST.L. CARDINALSWhitey Herzog
1988LA DODGERSTommy Lasorda4-1 (WWLWW)Oakland A'sTony La Russa
1989Oakland A'sTony La Russa4-0SF GIANTSRoger Craig
1990CINCINNATILou Piniella4-0Oakland A'sTony La Russa
1991MinnesotaTom Kelly4-3 (WWLLLWW)ATLANTA BRAVESBobby Cox
1992TorontoCito Gaston4-2 (LWWWLW)ATLANTA BRAVESBobby Cox
1993TorontoCito Gaston4-2 (WLWWLW)PHILA. PHILLIESJim Fregosi
1994Not held
1995ATLANTA BRAVESBobby Cox4-2 (WWLWLW)ClevelandMike Hargrove
1996NY YankeesJoe Torre4-2 (LLWWWW)ATLANTA BRAVESBobby Cox
1997FLORIDA Jim Leyland4-3 (WLWLWLW)ClevelandMike Hargrove
1998NY YankeesJoe Torre4-0SAN DIEGOBruce Bochy
1999NY YankeesJoe Torre4-0ATLANTA BRAVESBobby Cox
2000NY YankeesJoe Torre4-1 (WWLWW)NY METSBobby Valentine
2001ARIZONABob Brenly4-3 (WWLLLWW)NY YankeesJoe Torre
2002AnaheimMike Scioscia4-3 (LWWLLWW)SF GIANTSDusty Baker
2003 FLORIDAJack McKeon4-2 (WLLWWW) NY Yankees Joe Torre
2004 Boston Terry Francona4-0ST. LOUISTony La Russa

Most Valuable Players

Currently selected by media panel and World Series official scorers. Presented by Sport magazine from 1955-88 and by Major League Baseball since 1989. Winner who did not play for World Series champions is in bold type.

Multiple winners: Bob Gibson, Reggie Jackson and Sandy Koufax (2).

1955Johnny Podres, Bklyn, P
1956Don Larsen, NY, P
1957Lew Burdette, Mil., P
1958Bob Turley, NY, P
1959Larry Sherry, LA, P
1960Bobby Richardson, NY, 2B
1961Whitey Ford, NY, P
1962Ralph Terry, NY, P
1963Sandy Koufax, LA, P
1964Bob Gibson, St.L., P
1965Sandy Koufax, LA, P
1966Frank Robinson, Bal., OF
1967Bob Gibson, St.L., P
1968Mickey Lolich, Det., P
1969Donn Clendenon, NY, 1B
1970Brooks Robinson, Bal., 3B
1971Roberto Clemente, Pit., OF
1972Gene Tenace, Oak., C
1973Reggie Jackson, Oak., OF
1974Rollie Fingers, Oak., P
1975Pete Rose, Cin., 3B
1976Johnny Bench, Cin., C
1977Reggie Jackson, NY, OF
1978Bucky Dent, NY, SS
1979Willie Stargell, Pit., 1B
1980Mike Schmidt, Phi., 3B
1981Pedro Guerrero, LA, OF;
Ron Cey, LA, 3B;
& Steve Yeager, LA, C
1982Darrell Porter, St.L., C
1983Rick Dempsey, Bal., C
1984Alan Trammell, Det., SS
1985Bret Saberhagen, KC, P
1986Ray Knight, NY, 3B
1987Frank Viola, Min., P
1988Orel Hershiser, LA, P
1989Dave Stewart, Oak., P
1990Jose Rijo, Cin., P
1991Jack Morris, Min., P
1992Pat Borders, Tor., C
1993Paul Molitor, Tor., DH/1B/3B
1994Series not held.
1995Tom Glavine, Atl., P
1996John Wetteland, NY, P
1997Livan Hernandez, Fla., P
1998Scott Brosius, NY, 3B
1999Mariano Rivera, NY, P
2000Derek Jeter, NY, SS
2001Curt Schilling, Ari., P
& Randy Johnson, Ari., P
2002Troy Glaus, Ana., 3B
2003Josh Beckett, Fla., P
2004Manny Ramirez, Bos., OF

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