Baseball's Perfectly Pitched Games1

(no opposing runner reached base)

Lee Richmond?Worcester vs. Cleveland (N.L.) June 12, 1880(1?0)
John M. Ward?Providence vs. Buffalo (N.L.) June 17, 1880(5?0)
Cy Young?Boston vs. Philadelphia (A.L.) May 5, 1904(3?0)
Addie Joss?Cleveland vs. Chicago (A.L.) Oct. 2, 1908(1?0)
Ernest Shore2?Boston vs. Washington (A.L.) June 23, 1917(4?0)
Charles Robertson?Chicago vs. Detroit (A.L.) April 30, 1922(2?0)
Don Larsen3?New York (A.L.) vs. Brooklyn (N.L.) Oct. 8, 1956(2?0)
Jim Bunning?Philadelphia vs. New York (N.L.) June 21, 1964(6?0)
Sandy Koufax?Los Angeles vs. Chicago (N.L.) Sept. 9, 1965(1?0)
Jim Hunter?Oakland vs. Minnesota (A.L.) May 8, 1968(4?0)
Len Barker?Cleveland vs. Toronto (A.L.) May 15, 1981(3?0)
Mike Witt?California vs. Texas (A.L.) Sept. 30, 1984(1?0)
Tom Browning?Cincinnati vs. Los Angeles (N.L.) Sept. 16, 1988(1?0)
Dennis Martinez?Montreal vs. Los Angeles (N.L.) July 28, 1991(2?0)
Kenny Rogers?Texas vs. California (A.L.) July 28, 1994(4?0)
David Wells?New York vs. Minnesota (A.L.) May 17, 1998(4?0)
David Cone4?New York (A.L.) vs. Montreal (N.L.) July 18, 1999(6?0)
Randy Johnson?Arizona vs. Atlanta (N.L.) May 18, 2004(2?0)
Mark Buehrle?Tampa Bay vs. Chicago White Sox (A.L.) July 23, 2009(0?5)
Dallas Braden?Tampa Bay vs. Oakland (A.L.) May 9, 2010(0?5)
Roy Halladay?Philadelphia vs. Miami (then Florida) (N.L.) May 29, 2010(1?0)
Philip Humber?Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle (A.L.) April 21, 2012(4?0)
Matt Cain?Houston (A.L.) vs. San Francisco (N.L.) June 13, 2012(0?10)
Felix Hernandez?Tampa Bay vs. Seattle (A.L.) August 15, 2012(0?1)
1. Harvey Haddix, of Pittsburgh, pitched 12 perfect innings against Milwaukee (N.L.), May 26, 1959, but lost game in 13th on error and hit. Montreal's Pedro Martinez pitched nine perfect innings against the San Diego Padres on June 3, 1995 before surrendering a leadoff double to Bip Roberts in the 10th. Mel Rojas finished the game, which Montreal won, 1?0.
2. Shore, relief pitcher for Babe Ruth who walked first batter before being ejected by umpire, retired 26 batters who faced him and base-runner was out stealing.
3. World Series.
4. Interleague game.

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