Prefixes and Multiples

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Prefix Symbol Equivalent Multiple/submultiple
yoctoyseptillionth part10-24
zeptozsextillionth part10-21
atto a quintillionth part 10-18
femto f quadrillionth part 10-15
pico p trillionth part 10-12
nano n billionth part 10-9
micro µ millionth part 10-6
milli m thousandth part 10-3
centi c hundredth part 10-2
deci d tenth part 10-1
deka da tenfold 10
hecto h hundredfold 102
kilo k thousandfold 103
mega M millionfold 106
giga G billionfold 109
tera T trillionfold 1012

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