Age-Adjusted Percent Distributions of Body Mass Index (BMI) Among Persons 18 Years Old and Over, by Selected Characteristics, 2003

   Above healthy weight
Selected characteristicUnder-
Total1 (age-adjusted)
Total1 (unadjusted)
18 to 44 years2.543.653.933.220.7
45 to 64 years0.931.867.238.528.7
65 to 74 years1.633.365.139.925.2
75 years and over3.743.752.637.315.3
White alone4 2.039.558.536.322.2
Black or African American alone4
American Indian or Alaska Native alone4 2.9331.965.233.831.4
Asian alone4
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander alone4 32.1367.942.225.73
2 or more races52.1339.658.331.426.9
Hispanic or Latino origin status6 :     
Hispanic or Latino1.133.965.039.825.2
Not Hispanic or Latino2.239.957.935.222.7
Less than a high school diploma1.832.365.937.728.2
High school diploma or GED1.533.664.937.927.0
Some college1.834.663.636.327.3
Bachelors degree or higher1.644.454.037.116.9
— Represents zero.
1. Total includes other races not shown separately and persons with unknown characteristics.
2. Estimates for age groups are not age adjusted.
3. Base figure too small to meet statistical standards for reliability of a derived figure.
4. Refers to persons who indicated only a single race group.
5. The “two or more races” refers to all persons who indicated more than one race group.
6. Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin may be of any race.
7. Education is shown only for persons 25 years old and over.
Source: U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, Vital and Health Statistics, Series 10, Number 222, Summary Health Statistics for U.S. Adults: National Health Interview Survey, 2002. From Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2006


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