Ten Most Visited National Parks, 2015

Image of fall sunset at Blue Ridge Park

Fall sunset at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The following table lists the most visited National Parks, according to rank, park name, and number of recorded visitors in 2015. A perennial favorite, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was ranked number one with 10,712,674 visitors.

Rank Name of National Park Number
of visitors
1. Great Smoky Mountains 10,712,6746
2. Grand Canyon 5,520,736
3. Rocky Mountain 4,155,916
4. Yosemite 4,150,217
5. Yellowstone 4,097,710
6. Zion 3,648,846
7. Olympic 3,263,761
8. Grand Teton 3,149,921
9. Acadia 2,811,184
10. Glacier 2,366,056

Source: Based on data from the National Park Service. Web: .

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