Choosing a College

Wouldn't it be great if you could reach into a hat and pull out an acceptance to the perfect college? Complete with a full scholarship and personal chauffeur to drive you to classes! Quit dreaming and start thinking about location, student body, cost -- and a whole lot more. The advice below may help you get serious about the best choice for you.

Getting Into College Is Easier than You Think

Do they have services for LD students? Are there people who care?

Making the Right Match

Make a list. In fact make three. Especially if you have LD.

Why You - Not Your Parents - Should Pick Where You Go to College

This is a tough one. But remember: It's your life!

What to Look for on a Campus Visit

There's more to college life than ivy-covered buildings, computers in every room, and nearby fast-food joints. Find out how to get the low-down on your next four years.

Are You Stuck with a Next Step Mentality?

Thinking about college when you should be thinking about life after college? Thinking into the future will help you make the best decisions about what you want to do now and where you want to go. Check out this helpful advice from the folks at ACT.

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