Applying to College

It's a process that will take some time and some planning. Following our step-by-step guides and advice will help. But, you'll have a lot to do and keep track of -- and so will your parents. It may get tense when your mom or dad asks if you've done your applications or written your essay. Take our word for it: We've all been through it and we survived. So will you!

The Road to College

Follow these steps and you'll stay on track.

Writing the Best College Essay

So why is the essay on your college application so important? O.K. it proves that you can write an understandable sentence and that's important. It also provides some insight into who you are and how you might fit in to the culture and environment of that particular college.

You may not be the only applicant with great grades, good test scores and an impressive resume of extra-curricular activities and interests. A well-written essay could raise you above your peers and get you noticed! That's exactly what you want to happen.

So, take this course, it's FREE! You will find expert advice and clear advice on how to put together the best essay you can. You will even find real, live experts ready to help. Check it out!

Getting Recommendations

It's like getting a job, you need people to sing your praises!

Searching for Scholarships

You or your parents can always use some help here. College is not cheap!

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