Clothing Buyer---Retail

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What do you do? I work in the retail industry as a buyer for a specialty-clothing store. What skills are needed? It's helpful to have an orientation towards people and relationships. It helps to have an understanding of marketing and advertising . It's also good to have an understanding of trends -- and knowledge of merchandise. What was your major? Merchandising and Retailing How did you get started in your career? I trained at Kaufman's in many departments -- women's, men's, children's, advertising, accounting, etc. What experience do you need in this job? A college education as well as experience in selling. It's also necessary to have knowledge of the economy so that you can understand how this relates to your buying plans. Describe your "typical" workday: I start early and work late. During the day, I meet with my assistant to discuss my daily and weekly sales figures. Plan and schedule the hours for sales associates. Plan and schedule advertising. What is the hardest aspect of your job? Traveling in order to buy the right merchandise . Making sure I get good buys so that I can advertise sales promotions. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? Having a good season. Building great relationships with my superiors and my sales associates. What are your suggestions for someone considering this field? To have a lot of stamina . Pay is not huge, but you can certainly climb the ladder.
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