Learn What the World's Largest Aquariums and Zoos Have to Offer

Updated September 27, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
A seal lion and trainer at Georgia Aquarium
AP Photo/David Goldman
By Sabrina Petrafesa

Now that summer is almost here it’s a good time to start thinking about things to do and places to go with your family or even just for fun. Since June is National Zoos and Aquarium Month, Infoplease would like to introduce you to some of the largest Aquariums and Zoos from all around the world!


  1. Georgia Aquarium (6.3 million gallons)

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is a non-profit aquarium that works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of multiple species and research on conservation and finding out more about ocean life. If you want to check out some of their animals check out their website for live webcams of some of the inhabitants.

  1. Dubai Mall Aquarium (2.64 million gallons)

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo holds over 140 species including 300 sharks and stingrays. They also have a Mermaid experience where you can meet a mermaid and they have these women swim around the tanks as a mermaid.

  1. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (1.98 million gallons)

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu, Japan holds around 740 species of marine life. The staff at Okinawa Churaumi works towards preserving and educating people about the wildlife that lives in the aquarium. In particular about the life of coral and the necessity of coral reefs.

  1. L'Oceanografic (1.85 million gallons)

L’Oceanographic Aquarium in Valencia, Spain is the largest Aquarium in Europe. This aquarium houses over 500 species of marine life including their collection of butterflies.

  1. Turkuazoo (1.32 million gallons)

The Turkuazoo in Istanbul, Turkey is the first public aquarium in Turkey and one of the largest in Europe. This aquarium also wants to preserve and protect ocean life.


  1. The San Diego Zoo (100 Acres, 650 Species of Animals)

The San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California is one of the biggest zoo in the United States. It has a very naturalistic form of housing the animals so their habitats are similar to the wild. Their mission is to conserve and preserve wildlife while inspiring others with a passion for nature.

  1. The London Zoo (36 Acres, 755 Species of Animals)

The London Zoo in London, England is relatively small in acres but makes up for that with how many species of animals there are. With about 755 species of animals the London Zoo is quite the experience.

  1. The Bronx Zoo (265 Acres, 650 Species of Animals)

The Bronx Zoo in New York City is one of the largest in the US and is open year round. They cater to around 265 species of animals and is a part of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

  1. The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa (210 Acres, 705 Species of Animals)

The NZG is South Africa is a part of the National Research Foundation and is the biggest zoo in South Africa with national acclaim. There is also an aquarium a part of the zoo and has the third largest collection of exotic trees.

  1. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (580 acres, 793 Species of Animals)

            The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Delaware County, Ohio hold the largest number of species on this list. The director of the zoo Jack Hanna played a big part in making the zoo as humane as it is today. Part of the zoo’s mission is to conserve wildlife and to stay sustainable.


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