Azariah ăzərīˈə [key], common name in ancient Israel, especially among the priests. The following occurrences of the name in the Bible do not necessarily all refer to different persons. 1 Chief officer under Solomon. 2 Chief officer under Solomon. 3 Father of Seraiah (2.) 4 Prophet who stirred King Asa to reform. 5 King of Judah: see Uzziah (1.) 6 Same as Ahaziah (2.) 7 High priest who withstood King Uzziah. 8 High priest under Hezekiah. 9, 10 Sons of King Jehoshaphat. 11, 12 Aides of Jehoiada in the conspiracy against Athaliah. 13 Worker on the wall of Jerusalem. 14 Same as Seraiah (7.) 15 Interpreter of the law. 16 Sealer of the covenant. 17 Priest in postexilic Jerusalem. His name also appears as Seraiah. 18 See Jaazaniah. 19 One of the Three Young Men. Azarias is the Greek form of his name.

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