Saturninus (Lucius Appuleius Saturninus) sătˌərnīˈnəs [key], d. 100 b.c., Roman statesman. He was quaestor in 104 b.c. and later tribune of the people. He was violently opposed to the senatorial party and allied himself with Marius to procure the banishment of Metellus Numidicus (see under Metellus, family), the passage of a grain law, and the establishment of new colonies in Sicily, Achaia, and Macedonia. With the demagogue Glaucia he instigated the murder of Caius Memmius, Glaucia's rival for the consulship; for this the senate proscribed them. He and Glaucia fled from the Forum to the Capitol, where they surrendered to Marius after the water supply was cut off. While they were being held for security, the mob stoned them to death with roofing tiles.

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