Paulinus or Suetonius Paulinus (Caius Suetonius Paulinus) pôlīˈnəs [key], d. after a.d. 69, Roman general. Under Claudius I he was stationed (a.d. 42) in Mauretania, and he advanced inland past the Atlas Mts. In a.d. 59 he had the command in Britain. While on a campaign to reduce the druid stronghold of Mona (Anglesey), in a.d. 61, he was recalled to S Britain by the uprising of Boadicea, who defeated the ninth legion and took Verulamium (St. Albans) and Londinium (London). Paulinus suppressed the revolt. After Nero's death he led the troops of Otho against Vitellius, but the victorious Vitellius pardoned him (a.d. 69).

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